How to Inherit grandparent CSS not parent?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,background,background-image

Problem :

I have a feeling this won't be possible, but thought I'd ask anyway.

<body>                  //body uses 'back' background
<div id="div1">         //div1 uses 'front' background
   <div id="child1">    //child1: no backgrounds, so shows 'front' background
  • My body element uses a background image. (I'll call it the back background image)
  • div1 uses a different background image (I'll call it the front background image), so the front background image covers over the main background image.
  • div1 contains a child div child1 that doesn't use any background images, so it just shows the background image of its parent i.e. it shows the front background.

I would like child1 to use the background of body and not the background of its parent div1. Because of the nature of the back background (it's a drawing, not a repeating pattern), I can't just apply the back background image to child1. I actually need a way to make a hole in div1's background so that child1 gets the back background image as its background, and not its parent's background.

So my question is: is there a way a div can inherit its grandparent's background, as opposed to its parent's background?

If this isn't possible with CSS, I'm open to javascript solutions.

Solution :

This would be with using javascript and jQuery:


body {
   background: url("Background 1");
#div1 {
   background: url("Background 2");
#child1 {
   background: url("Background 1");


$(function() {

  function positionBackground() {

     var myChild1   = $("#child1");
        backgroundPosition : "-" + myChild1.offset().left + "px -" + myChild1.offset().top + "px"



Here is the fiddle:

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