How to assign CSS properties to aside tag

Tags: css

Problem :

I am trying to change the font family of an aside tag. I created the following section in my css file -

.instruction {
    color: brown;
    font: verdana;

and assigned aside, class = instruction. But it does not work. I have also tried using aside as an element in CSS to assign the properties like asign {property: value;}, but no effect.

But if I only use color property, then it works. So is there any issue with assigning font family and related properties to aside tag? I am using Chrome 28.

Solution :

Use font-family: verdana; instead of font: verdana and when you are using font shorthand properties care of the following order:

1. font-style
2. font-variant
3. font-weight
4. font-size/line-height
5. font-family

And also you cannot apply just one value in shorthand method. For font, it should at least two values for eg. font-siz and font-family

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