How to simplify my CSS stylesheet?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I am trying to simplify my css selector in CSS sheet

I have something like

.table_test .div, .table_name .div, .table_company .div{

.table_test .div table input, .table_name .div table input{

My html is something like

<div class='table_test'>
  <div class='div'>......

<div class='table_name'>
  <div class='div'>......

I feel like there are so many selectors clustered together and was wondering if there is a way to make it simpler. Thanks for the help!

Solution :

A few things:

Don't use generic class names like div. There's already an element element called div. If you want to target it based on nesting, do so using CSS.

.table_name > div {} /* or .table_name div */

And not...

.table_name .div {}

Use specific selectors. Is there a reason why you need to go through table_name .div table input? Why not target the input specifically by giving it a class?

<input class="my_input">

And then:

.my_input {
  color: red;

Finally, it's up to you what style to use, but most people tend to use double quotes around html attributes. For example:

<div class="table_name"> and not <div class='table_name'>

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