html/css, how to push an element on to the next line?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I've written this small fiddle showing what I want, but what I would like to know is, is there away to style the .stack-slot elements so that they; (a) shrink to the size of their content and (b) stack vertically beneath one another as shown, using a css rule instead of <br/> tags?


<span class='stack-panel vertical'>
    <span class='stack-slot'>
        <span class='content'>1</span>
    <span class='stack-slot'>
        <span class='content'>2</span>
    <span class='stack-slot'>
        <span class='content'>3</span>


.stack-panel.vertical .stack-slot
    /*TODO replace effect of <br/> tag*/

Solution :

Do this:

.stack-panel.vertical .stack-slot {

jsFiddle example

No <br> tags, they stack vertically, and shrink to fit their content.

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