How Can I remove the injected CSS Resource in GWT?

Tags: gwt,uibinder,gwt2,clientbundle,cssresource

Problem :

I want to remove the injected CSSResource in GWT application.

I used the following code MyClass.INSTANCE.ensureInjected();

I want the above CSSResource for a particular page only. So the remaining pages should be work as per the actual css/theme.

Once I inject this then its applicable for the whole application. How can I overcome this?

Help me.

Solution :

You can inject your css bundle using directly StyleInjector utility class, instead of the ensureInjected() method

Then you will have a reference of the injected element which you can remove when you want.

// Equivalent to MyClass.INSTANCE.ensureInjected()
StyleElement e  = StyleInjector.injectStylesheet(MyClass.INSTANCE.css().getText());

// Remove the injected css element

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