How to get correct overflow for proper div with fixed footer?

Tags: css,css3

Problem :

I am creating a site that has three major components - the navigation bar on the left, the central content (which is broken into a Title + Data), and a footer. The footer is fixed to the bottom of the page. I have JSFiddle example here:

The issue I am running into is that, I want to the #data div to scroll vertically when it is too big for the div. The problem that I am seeing is that, when this happens, the div just gets pushed underneath the footer (instead of stopping at the footer) until infinity and scrolling never happens.

Within my CSS, I do have this:

html, body {
    overflow: hidden;

which I put in to prevent horizontal and vertical scroll bars appearing (presumably due to the footer). However, when I remove this style, the entire content div scrolls which is almost what I want (I would prefer that the title doesn't scroll...but that isn't the end of the world).

Can anybody provide any suggestions where I am going wrong? Again - want #data div to scroll and to stop at the footer. I want a fixed footer at the bottom of the site and I don't want the footer to create the scroll bars. Please let me know if you need clarifications.

Update: Yay for Stackoverflow - after typing up this question, one answer popped up immediately. I put a clearfix on the wrapper, so scrollbars don't appear due to the fixed footer. Updated my jsfiddle to reflect. So, essentially, I'm looking to understand how to just have the #data div scroll.

Solution :

added a padder inside the content div:

 <div id="content">
    <div class='padder'>
    <div id="title">title</div>
    <div id="data">Lots of data...

.padder {padding-top: 100px;}

moved the content 100px up outside the frame:

#content {
position: relative;
top: -100px;
margin-left: 350px;
height: 100%;}

This way you can use the height:100% property to match the height of the body AND subtract the 100px for your footer.

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