How to get image url in css inside a public folder in Rails?

Tags: css,ruby-on-rails

Problem :

I have a css located inside the public/ folder in rails. I want to locate the images inside the app/assets/images/ folder for a background in the css. The code below doesn't seem to work:

background: url("bg-noise.png");

This is normally used for css inside the app/assets/stylesheets/ folder. Can't make it work inside the public folder.

Solution :

You have two alternatives. If you can rename the file and use the asset pipeline with SCSS, then rename the style to .css.scss and replace

background: url("bg-noise.png");

with the image-url SCSS helper.

background: image-url("bg-noise.png");

It will automatically resolve the path.

Another solution is to rename the file to .css.erb and you'll be able to use ERB code inside the file.

background-image: url(<%= asset_path 'bg-noise.png' %>)

The last solution is to hard-code the path.

background: url("/assets/bg-noise.png");

I encourage you to use the first option.

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