How to collapse div same like facebook chat

Tags: jquery,css

Problem :

I try to do something similar like facebook chat but this for personal use. Everything work fine except some css part.

I try with position absolute to arrage the div, yes can do but problem when i loop chat box in php.. and i need to use float (float div box to right).

you can check my jsfiddle here

Below is some code snippet in jquery

$('.closed1').click(function () {

$('.open_chat1').click(function () {

If you see my jsfiddle the chat box is collapse to top but how to collapse to bottom ? , try click close button.

Solution :

The way I would approach this is something like this:


  • make an chat area that surrounds the chat-boxes
  • chat-boxes to display as inline-blocks
  • position the user boxes to bottom:0

On your example:

I would use display:inline-block on the chat_box class ... this way the parent will respond to the size of the box.

And float right the parent of the chat_box

#chat_area {

but the user_box itself would just be aligned to the bottom of the chat_box.

.user_box {

This way the whole chat area will float to the right ... and resize shrink to the bottom when all chat boxes are closed.

Here is a fiddle for illustration:

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