How to vertically align middle some header text between 2 header images on a website?

Tags: css,center,vertical-alignment

Problem :

Here is the url: I want to use css. I cannot figure out how to get the header text that says "Deal Flurry" to be vertically in the middle between the 2 images around it. The text is staying at the bottom of the images instead of being in the middle. I have tried putting the text and images in div's but that didn't work the way I did it. I would appreciate any help!

Solution :

add vertical-align: middle; to both your images in a class or an inline style (preferably a class) and it will fix it.

Below is your complete updated header div code using inline styles:

<div class="header">

<img height="200" src="" style="vertical-align: middle;">

Deal Flurry

<img height="200" src="" style="vertical-align: middle;">


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