Ext JS 4.2 - How to create a header like the one at KitchenSink sample?

Tags: css,extjs,extjs4,extjs4.2

Problem :

I need to create a header like the one at KitchenSink(Classic theme) sample:

KitchenSink Sample Header

How can I learn its CSS and usage?

Solution :

It's a custom element that extends the very generic Ext.Container:

Ext.define("KitchenSink.view.Header", {
    extend: Ext.Container,
    xtype: "appHeader",
    id: "app-header",
    height: 52,
    layout: {type: "hbox",align: "middle"},
    initComponent: function() {
        this.items = [{xtype: "component",id: "app-header-title",html: "Ext JS Kitchen Sink",flex: 1}];
        if (!Ext.getCmp("options-toolbar")) {
            this.items.push({xtype: "themeSwitcher"})

Most of its styling happens in custom CSS though. See CSS for #app-header-title.

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