How to resize all div images to a particular size?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I have many image divs in a page. How do I resize all those images to a specific size (thumbnail size)? Currently all images shows their original big size. Is there a way to resize those divs images without changing the image tags inside those divs, preferably using CSS?

<div class="ItemLeft">

  <div class="Clipping">        
    <a class="ImageLink" href="/videos/id8" title="galaxy">
      <img class="ItemImage" src="/Images/video8.jpg" alt="video 8" />
      <img class="OverlayIcon" src="/Images/1.png" alt="" />
    <a class="DurationInfo" onmouseover="showDuration2(this);" onmouseout="hideDuration2(this);" href="/videos/id1234"><span class="Text">51:57</span></a>

  <div class="Title"><a href="/videos/id8" title="galaxy">galaxy</a></div>

  <div class="VideoAge">1 daybefore</div>

  <div class="PlaysInfo"> broadcast 265</div>


Solution :

You could simply alter the css for either ImageLink or ItemImage classes in your CSS file.

Something Like This

.ImageLink{height: 100px; width: 50px}
.ItemImage{height: 100px; width: 50px}

This should set them all to the same height and width.

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