How to set css error-styles programatically on a TextBox

Tags: java,css,gwt

Problem :

Why can't I apply custom css styles to a single TextBox?

I'm trying to set some error styles on a single TextBox. What's wrong with the following implementation?


static final String STYLES = ErrorRes.INSTANCE.css().style();

@UiField TextBox box;

Resource interface

interface ErrorRes extends ClientBundle {
    static final ErrorRes INSTANCE = GWT.create(ErrorRes.class);

    Style css();

    interface Style extends CssResource {
        String style();


.gwt-TextBox-error {
     border: 1px solid red !important;

Solution :

If you whant to get gwt-TextBox-error style name on widget, you need set box.setStylePrimaryName("gwt-TextBox"); - it's by default. And when error occured use box.setStyleDependentName("error", true); HTML will be class="gwt-TextBox gwt-TextBox-error". And to clear error style, use box.setStyleDependentName("error", false);


You can use addStyleName("gwt-TextBox-error") and removeStyleName("gwt-TextBox-error") in a same way.


So, I tryed to run your case and it works well. At the first of all you need inject css from resources to page in runtime:


I use it in the begining of onModuleLoad()

Then, to add error style use: box.addStyleName(STYLES); and box.removeStyleName(STYLES); to remove it.

You can't use pair setStylePrimaryName() and setStyleDependentName() with bundled css becouse css name will be obfuscated.

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