CSS - how to align different font-sizes to each other?

Tags: css,alignment,font-size

Problem :

I have a small problem with some CSS -> Example on jsFiddle

Simple button:

<button type="reset" id="reset-btn">Reset</button>

CSS rule:

    content:" <<";

As you can see the "<<" is getting generated through CSS. Is there a way to align these two different font sizes to each other so that the text next to the bigger "<<" is at the vertical center of the button?

Thanks in advance!

Solution :

Wrap the text within a span tag and then apply the style vertical-align: middle to both the button and span


<button type="reset" id="reset-btn"><span id="reset-text">Reset</span></button>


    content:" <<";
    vertical-align: middle;


Working Example: http://jsfiddle.net/Eh8TB/3/

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