How to over-ride img-width from bootstrap? Set css rule to null?

Tags: css,twitter-bootstrap,override

Problem :

I'm using bootstrap and I have a very small custom over-ride style sheet that loads last and it seems to work great, However I found that Bootstrap has

img {img-width:100%;}

I found it is causing Chrome to really downsize some images, which show fine in FF so I tried using the inspector and if I eliminate the rule, all seems fine.. but I can't figure out how to do that in a sub css sheet, since

{img-width: ;} 

is not legal? and I tried


which seemed to make the inspector happy since it knew that it was junk but did not work in real -life, since it ignored the rule?? So how do you set a css property to null in a sub style sheet?

Solution :

The answer!! img {img-width : none;} Thanks to an answer from Github on the bootstrap issues... Would appreciate Madth3 and Roman C correcting...

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