How to align css class using bootstrap

Tags: css,twitter-bootstrap,margin

Problem :

im trying to align several divs with each other, for some reason its not working. Im using a simple bootstrap template...My code snippet is below and My JS fiddle is Thanks!!

     I basically want my html to look like align such as:
     Album1: Name1
     Album2: Name2

    <div id="wellbox" class="well pull-right">
        <div><h3>Album Sales & Net worth</h3></div>
        <a href="#"><p id="album0">Album1:</p></a>
             <div><p id="albumdata0" class="album-class">Name1</p></div>

        <a  href="#"><p id="album1">Album2:</p></a>
             <div><p id="albumdata1" class="album-class"></p>Name2</div>

        <a  href="#"><p id="album2">Album3:</p></a>
             <div><p id="albumdata2"  class="album-class">Name3</p></div>

        <a  href="#"><p id="album3">Album3:</p></a>
             <div><p id="albumdata3" class="album-class"></p></div>

Solution :

I would probably restructure as so:

<div id="wellbox" class="well pull-right">
    <div><h3>Album Sales & Net worth</h3></div>
    <div class'albumContainer'>
        <a href="#"><p id="album0">Album1:</p></a>
        <div><p id="albumdata0" class="album-class">Name1</p></div>

and then I would add the following style:

    clear: both;
.albumContainer a, .albumContainer div{
    display: inline-block;

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