How do I center HTML objects on an MVC 4.0 Web API using Razor application?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

Okay, bear with me because I'm new to WEB development.

I have an MVC 4.0 Web API application using Razor and Entity Framework 5 (C#).

One of my links takes me to a page which displays data from the EF.

I added an HTML button to this page called "Export to Excel."

I want to center this button on the screen, above the report results.

What is the correct approach for this and how do I do it? I need to understand the PROPER architecture for files and code.

  1. Do I use CSS? If so, where do I store the file in the solution? How do I use it on my page?

  2. Do I do something specific to Razor?

Should I simply use HTML tags like

Again, all I want to do is center a button on the web page.

Can someone help me with a step by step process to do this correctly?

I'm just having a hard time figuring out where to put code and files (basically how to structure the application properly).

Solution :

You can use CSS.

.centerAlign {
   text-align: center;

In your view you can then apply the centerAlign class to the button:

<button class='centerAlign' />

You can also make a custom HTML Helper that will automatically apply the class for you.

namespace YourApplication.Helpers
     public static class ButtonExtensions
          public static string ButtonCenter(this HtmlHelper helper, string value)
               return String.Format("<button class='centerAlign'> {0} </button>", value);

Then in your view you could do:

@Html.ButtonCenter("Click me");

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