How to scroll a div inside another div?

Tags: android,css,html5,scroll,cordova

Problem :

In my Cordova 2.5.0 app for android, I have created a lightbox like popup, which is a <div>. Now i want to scroll the inner div, which I'm not able to. It has following structure

|                               |
|     _______#header_________   |
|     |                     |   |
|     _______________________   |
|                               |
|     _____#wantToScroll_____   |
|     |                     |   |
|     |                     |   |
|     |                     |   |
|     |                     |   |
|     |  but doesn't        |   |
|     |                     |   |   
|     _______________________   |  

Css for #lightbox


css for #header


css for #wantToScroll

    padding:1% 3%;
    line-height:1.5 em;
    -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

How to do this? Is there any issue that phonegap conflicts with native scrollview or something? As far as I have reached to the conclusion, it is not. The problem is with the positioning. But I tried all combinations of relative, fixed and absolute pos.

Kindly do not suggest to use any kind of external plugin like sencha or iscroll. I think there has to be a solution without these.

Solution :

overflow: scroll 

doesnt work in Android 2.3.x,

you will need to build the scrolling yourself by listening for drag events.

see the iScroll library

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