image shows ui-button over the button image

Tags: css,jsf-2,primefaces

Problem :

I want to show a button as an image.So I have written it like:

<p:commandButton styleClass="edit_button_image" actionListener="#{userLeaveBean.editAppliedLeave}" title="Edit" process="@this"/>

and the CSS for getting the button image:

background: url(edit.JPG) no-repeat !important;


it shows the image well, but also shows a text "ui-button" over the image. How can I get the image only? Using it shows fine, since I want to execute some action on a part of the entire for I chose and added process="@this".any Solution?

Solution :

Wouldn't this be way easier? A p:commandLink submits a POST just like a p:commandButton.

    <p:commandLink ...>
        <h:graphicImage ... />

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