div how to make its dimensions exactly as those of the contents

Tags: css,html

Problem :

How do I form a div to have the same dimensions as those of the content housed by it , and not any larger ?

The div that I currently has a larger width than that of the three divs that i have placed inside it.How can i get it to fit the inner div's size?

Here is the link to what i have now :: http://jsfiddle.net/jairajdesai/Fd5hQ/


<div id="initial_options">
            <div class="option_button" id="option_1">
                <big>1</big> <span class="supplementary_text">text goes here</span>
            <div class="option_button" id="option_2">
                <big>2</2></big> <span class="supplementary_text">text goes here</span>
            <div class="option_button" id="option_3">
                <big>3</big> <span class="supplementary_text">text goes here</span>


#initial_options {

Solution :

Inline element like <span> wraps around the content and more. Either you can use this or you can set the display property as inline.

div {
   display: inline;

However setting to display as inline will not give you any option to add top/bottom margin and padding. If you want to add that too, you should use inline-block as the property.

div {
    display: inline-block;

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