How to do something like #Card%{ } in CSS

Tags: css

Problem :

This is my css :

<div id="Card0">
  <div draggable="true" id="carte">
    <div id="no">8</div>
    <div id="Trefle"></div>

I will have Card1, Card2 ...

I would like to do something like #Card%{ } Is it possible?

Solution :

Unquestionably you would use a class for this:

<div id="Card0" class="card">
  <div draggable="true" id="carte0">
    <div id="no">8</div>
    <div id="Trefle"></div>

<div id="Card1" class="card">
  <div draggable="true" id="carte1">
    <div id="no">8</div>
    <div id="Trefle"></div>

<div id="Card2" class="card">
  <div draggable="true" id="carte2">
    <div id="no">8</div>
    <div id="Trefle"></div>

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