CSS select: how to count and select child of a specific class only?

Tags: css,css-selectors

Problem :

Given the html where all items are at the same level such:

<div class="h2">Title: Colors</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (1)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (2)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (3)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (4)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (5)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (6)</div>

<div class="h2">Title: Units</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (1)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (2)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (3)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (4)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (5)</div>
 <div class="pair">Hello world (6)</div>

How to select the n+3 and n+4 .pair elements starting from the previous .h2 element ?

So the 1&2 are white, 3&4 are pink, 5&6 are white, etc.

I tried .pair:nth-child(4n+3), .pair:nth-child(4n+4) { background: #FFAAAA; } but it count the child of the body where the .h2 are also child and thus break my balance.


Edit: no pure CSS selector was found to select adjacent items following a pattern such as .class (n+3). Alternatively, an infinite series of CSS selectors such div + .class + .class + .class ...; wrapping in a div together with :nth-child(n+3) or :nth-of-type(n+3); or JS is needed. You know an other hack ? Sharing welcome !

Solution :

Out of boredom and curiosity I've written a function to do this. In the case that you are stuck with the html as is and you have extended rows like this, my plugin could be useful to you.

Copy the function from my jsFiddle and use like so:

var pair1 = findCousin('h2', 'pair', '4n+2');
var pair2 = findCousin('h2', 'pair', '4n+3');
var s = pair1.add(pair2);

You can change h2 and pair two different class names, or use different patterns as long as it has #n in it, and optionally +# just like the css nth child selector. Adding false as a fourth argument...

findCousin('list-title', 'list-item', '3n', false);

...will select everything after the first list-title in the given pattern, rather than after each list-item.... if that makes any sense.

I believe sh0ber has written a more practical solution, but this has been fun to make and I might as well share.


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