How to change the background color of a line of user input in a textarea?

Tags: css,input,textarea,background-color

Problem :

I know how to change the background color of a textarea, but what about changing the background color of the text that users type into a text area?

For example, in HTML you can change the background color of a span of text using span tags, ie:

<span style="background-color: blue">Words with blue background</span>

...But what about the text that users type into a text field?

I need to do this for a form that I'm creating, so that users can clearly see spaces and returns they're entering as well as the characters they enter.

Can it be done using CSS?

Solution :


But there is the other way around. Did you ever used editor in It's cool. It uses javascript and <div> to control the style of each line of code. And uses the same way.

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