How to put text over CSS image carousel?

Tags: css,image,html,slideshow,carousel

Problem :

<div class="carousel colorDissolve">
    <img class="item" src="car.jpg" />
    <img class="item" src="plane.jpg" />
    <img class="item" src="train.jpg"/>
    <img class="item" src="boat.jpg" />

/* colorDissolve  */
.colorDissolve {
  position: relative;
  overflow: hidden;
  width: 287px;
  height: 430px;
  background: #000000;
.colorDissolve .item {
  position: absolute;
  left: 0;
  right: 0;
  opacity: 0;
  -webkit-animation: colorDissolve 24s linear infinite;
  -moz-animation: colorDissolve 24s linear infinite;
  -ms-animation: colorDissolve 24s linear infinite;
  animation: colorDissolve 24s linear infinite;
.colorDissolve .item:nth-child(2) {
  -webkit-animation-delay: 6s;
  -moz-animation-delay: 6s;
  -ms-animation-delay: 6s;
  animation-delay: 6s;
.colorDissolve .item:nth-child(3) {
  -webkit-animation-delay: 12s;
  -moz-animation-delay: 12s;
  -ms-animation-delay: 12s;
  animation-delay: 12s;
.colorDissolve .item:nth-child(4) {
  -webkit-animation-delay: 18s;
  -moz-animation-delay: 18s;
  -ms-animation-delay: 18s;
  animation-delay: 18s;

@-webkit-keyframes colorDissolve {
    0%, 25%, 100% { opacity: 0; }
    4.17%, 20.84% { opacity: 1;}
@-moz-keyframes colorDissolve {
    0%, 25%, 100% { opacity: 0; }
    4.17%, 20.84% { opacity: 1;}
@-ms-keyframes colorDissolve {
    0%, 25%, 100% { opacity: 0; }
    4.17%, 20.84% { opacity: 1;}
@keyframes colorDissolve {
    0%, 25%, 100% { opacity: 0; }
    4.17%, 20.84% { opacity: 1;}

I cannot seem to get text OVER images this carousel. If I used a button slider, I can, but I just cannot seem to do it this way. It feels like I am not getting the div structure right. I tried to div each slide, but the text shows on the first slide from every div. Any guidance would be appreciated. I need different text over each slide when it appears, but I cannot get it to structurally work.

Solution :

JS fiddle DEMO

modified your markup a little

<div class="carousel colorDissolve">
    <div class="item">
    <img  src="" />
    <span>Picture Car from</span>
      <div class="item">
    <img src="" />
     <span>Picture Plane  from</span>
      <div class="item">
    <img  src=""/>
            <span>This is train</span>
      <div class="item">
    <img  src="" />
            <span>This is boatm</span>


Added styling to span

    -webkit-text-stroke-width: 1px;
   -webkit-text-stroke-color: black;

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