How to create multiline ListBox in GWT?

Tags: html,css,gwt

Problem :

In my project the value to show in GWT list-box is big(from database). So user is not able to see the full value at once. For this I have decided to add display value in multiline. I have used tags like \n and HTML tags like breakline but not getting the result. GWT compiler considering these tags as a string and showing in the list. How can I do this. Can I apply customized css?

My code is as below:

ListBox getListBox(boolean dropdown) {


  ListBox widget = new ListBox();
    return widget;

Solution :

GWT ListBox simply wraps an HTML select element. Such element does not allow line breaks in its option values.

You can:

  • change approach: use a short description with a longer title attribute;
  • roll out your own widget, or use one already available (like the new GwtChosen).

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