How to remove background from breadCrumb

Tags: css,jsf,jsf-2,primefaces

Problem :

I have this breadCrumb. How I can remove the background. I want just to display the links without any background.

    <p:breadCrumb style="font-size:11px;">
        <p:menuitem value="Datacenters" url="#" />
        <p:menuitem value="Zone" url="#" />
        <p:menuitem value="Rack" url="#" />
        <p:menuitem value="Server" url="#" />
        <p:menuitem value="Processor" url="#" />
        <p:menuitem value="RAM" url="#" />
        <p:menuitem value="HDD" url="#" />

Into the manual I found that I have to change the css class .ui-breadcrumb in order to change the background. But how I can override the background?


This is the css class responsible for background:

.ui-widget-header {
    background: url("/DX-57/RMC-57/javax.faces.resource/images/ui-bg_diagonals-   thick_6_333333_40x40.png.html?ln=primefaces-aristo") repeat scroll 50% 50% #333333;
    border: 1px solid #333333;
    color: #FFFFFF;
    font-weight: bold;

Solution :

In your .css file (at the end of it), or in your header in tags:

.ui-breadcrumb{background-color: none;}

More i can´t do with this less informations.

edit: If that doesn´t work:

.ui-breadcrumb{background-color: none!important;}

that should do the trick.

another edit: if it´s an image:

.ui-breadcrumb{background-image: none;}

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