How to customize bootstrap css when using bootstrap-sass [closed]

Tags: css,ruby-on-rails,twitter-bootstrap,responsive-design,sass

Problem :

I'd like to change many things, for example buttons color or for example change the background-image color on the nav bar (header). I use boostrap-sass gem so i can't use boostrap website' Customize page

Should I really override all these on my file custom.css.scss or can I change these somewhere more low level ? i don't find the .css files allowing me to do that in my project file (I searched all lib, app and vendor /assets but noweher i find the css of boostrap. i suspect it's because they're not there but they're directly in the gem files) I have a lot of changes so i feel overiding so many things is not the best option.

What's the best way to do this? Thanks

Solution :

You should never modify Boostrap's original files. The best option is to override their classes with your own ones. You can do this by creating a css file in your assets/stylesheets folder, which will be included automatically in your app.

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