How to change CSS property before element is created?

Tags: javascript,html,css

Problem :

I have to modify the div's css before the window.onload, and body.onload.

        <style type="text/css">
            html, body {
                width: 100%;
                height: 100%;
                padding: 0px;
                margin: 0px;
            div {
                margin-left: auto;
                margin-right: auto;
   = (window.innerHeight/2 - HTMLDivElement.scaleHeight/2) + "px";


Solution :

I don't know if that works in all browsers but you could append a new style-node inside your head section like this:

var marginTop = ...;
var node = document.createElement("style");
node.setAttribute("rel", "stylesheet");
node.innerHTML = "div { margin-top: " + marginTop + "px; }";

Your head element must obviously exist for this to work. I know it's ugly and I can't recommend using this but I think it's what you wanted.

UPDATE: I found another way, which in my opinion is better because of the API you can use:

// insert a stylesheet if you don't have one
if (document.styleSheets.length == 0) {

var marginTop = ...;
var rule = "div { margin-top: " + marginTop + "px; }";

For more information you may visit Again I don't know if all browsers support this.

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