How to override a 's CSS when loaded by ajax?

Tags: css

Problem :

I have here an example where you can click on a row and it inserts a new row right underneath. The new row consists of a new table.

See fiddle

As you can see from the fiddle above, there is a hover over CSS in place for each table separately. The problem is now that the hover over from the parent table covers the second table.

enter image description here

I rather would like to override the hover over effect from the parent table when hovering over the new row, so that I can see the hover effect of the sub table instead:

enter image description here

I tried to prevent parent's table CSS to be applied on the new row like this:

table.cb_table-hover tbody tr:hover td:not(.override),
table.cb_table-hover tbody tr:hover th:not(.override){
      background-color: #cfe2e8;  

As you can see in this new fiddle:

However the results are not as I expected. What could I be missing? Thanks

Solution :

Try this.


table.cb_table-hover > tbody > tr:hover > td:not(.override),
table.cb_table-hover > tbody > tr:hover > th:not(.override){
  background-color: #cfe2e8;  

let me know if this helps you.

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