How to disable CSS in Browser for testing purposes

Tags: html,css,browser

Problem :

Is there any way I can disable all external CSS in a browser (Firefox, Chrome...)?

When using slower internet connection, sometimes only the bare HTML is loaded by the browser without the CSS info. It looks like the page has been laid raw on the screen. You would have noticed this with StackOverflow too.

I want to make sure that my web page shows up OK even if the CSS files are not loaded.

I didn't mean I want to convert external CSS to inline. But I want a way to explicitly disable all CSS from the browser so that I can reposition my elements in a better, readable way.

I know I can remove the <link rel='stylesheet'> entries, but what if I have a lot of linked pages?

Solution :

The Web Developer plugin for Firefox and Chrome is able to do this

Once you have installed the plugin the option is available in the CSS menu. For example, CSS > Disable Styles > Disable All Styles

Alternatively with the developer toolbar enabled you can press Alt+Shift+A.

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