How do I use a variable to get CSS info on an element?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,variables

Problem :

What I have is the following code to create a div.

function makeLinkdiv () {
  gCurrentBlock = $gBlockDivName + $gBlockPointer;
  var idPointer = gCurrentBlock;
  var linksBlock = $('<div id ="' + gCurrentBlock + '" class="LinksBlock EditBlock"></div>').appendTo("#canvas");
  linksBlock.draggable({containment: "#canvas", scroll: false, grid: [10, 10]}, {cursor: "move", cursorAt: {top: 125, left: 50}});
  linksBlock.append('<div class="article_title EditBlock fontCenter fontBold font24">Article Title</div>');
  // log the div data to the div object
  var x = gCurrentBlock.css('left');
  var y = gCurrentBlock.css('top');
  alert ('top is - ' + y + ' left is - ' + x);
  divData.items.push({ID: $gBlockPointer, Block: gCurrentBlock, posTop : "450", posLeft : "540" });
  // increment the block pointer
  $gBlockPointer = $gBlockPointer + 1;

What happens is that I do not get the CSS properties for top and left. Actually, nothing happens. I know that there must be something wrong in how I am using the variable gCurrentBlock, but I can't figure it out.

Solution :

Not really sure what your code is trying to accomplish... but you need to check out jQuery's position and offset methods, which will give you coordinates for your element.

I would expect your code to look more like this:

var position = $('#' + gCurrentBlock).position();
var x = position.left;
var y =;

And if the values are not what you expect, try changing position to offset.

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