How to arrange two butons side by side in Struts2

Tags: html,css,struts2

Problem :

I am developing a Web page on struts2 If I am correct theme in Struts2 is set such that all the tags will eventually be inside a table so all tags will be aligned one below other.

In My web page i have login page with Submit and Reset button I want both side by side (next each other) rather than in separate line.I Tried googling i got some answer like { display : inline; } in CSS and also { position : float} and theme="simple" in form. Nothing worked

<table><tr><td><s:submit method="CheckUser" value="Login" align="center" /></td><td><s:reset value="Clear" align="center" /></td></tr>

In case if i set i get the 2 buttons(submit+reset) as required but though label="User Id" is given i get only text field without label

<tr><td><s:textfield name="userid" label="User Id" size="25" /></td></tr>
<tr><td><s:password name="password" label="Password" size="25" /></td></tr>

Please do suggest me where I am going wrong and how to get both label to text field and also submit_Reset button side by side

Solution :

Just leave default Struts2 theme, which is xhtml by the way, as it is and change only your <s:submit> and <s:reset> tags adding to them theme attribute with value simple.

    <td colspan="2">
      <s:submit value="Login" theme="simple"/>
      <s:reset value="Clear" theme="simple"/>

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