How to write css for each page in rails 3

Tags: css,ruby-on-rails,twitter-bootstrap

Problem :

I want to make different layouts for different pages in my rails application but if i am creating a different file in assets folder for a particular page then it is taking some values from different page and some from different that file. I am getting mad on this. I ve made a different layout file for that and include this layout'home' in each controller( home for home page). Please help.

Solution :

i found the answer. Actually its not a good practice unless and until you want a different a page in your web application which has totally different views from other pages. All you need to do is as follows:

Suppose i want a total different layout for console page. So here are the steps

  1. Create a layout console.html.erb in layouts folder.
  2. Change this line <%= stylesheet_link_tag "application", :media => "all" %> to <%= stylesheet_link_tag "console_layout", :media => "all" %>.
  3. Also change the javascript_include_tag line if you want to include a different javascript.
  4. Go to assets/stylesheets.
  5. Create a file console_layout.css.scss in that folder and include any stylesheets if you want to add for that particular page. Suppose i want to include the bootstrap_and_overrides.less file for this console page. Write like this
  6. /* *= require 'bootstrap_and_overrides' *= require 'console' */

  7. In the end remove self_tree . from the application.css.

Doing this means you are actually creating a different layout, a different style sheet for that console page. After creating this it will never ever take values from other stylesheets. I would like to mention do this only if you need to create a page which has total different style and has nothing to do with the other page's styling.

Thanks. :)

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