How to Position Fixed with LOTS elements inside

Tags: css,css-position

Problem :

I'm working on a simple page but got into a trouble with fixed position. Wonder if anyone has the time to give me a hand.

It will be too much to copy and paste all the codes here but I will paste a link

for the header with the nav I want both being fixed which means when I'm scrolling down the page the whole header with nav will always be there. But no matter how I do it things just keep on messed up. The nav is with css dropdown and floating.

Anyone able to give me a hand? I want to fix the position only with css not jquery though.

Thanks in advance.

Solution :

Throw header and nav into a div. Give that div position: fixed;. Make sure you increase margin-top for proto-main-content as this section is no longer affected by the header and nav's position.

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