Hiding and showing
  • on click using Javascript

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I need to show a few cateogaries on my web page and their sub-cateogaries as well. So I have arranged them in the form of nested <ul> <li> tags. I want the effect that, only when a user clicks on one of the cateogaries, all the sub-cateogaries ahould become visible. Initially no sub-cateogaries are visible.

In the body part, I have done this

   <li class="dropdown">Data mining and data warehousing
           <li>Data mining techniques</li>
           <li>Knowledge discovery</li>

    <li class="dropdown">Soft computing and artificial intelligence
            <li>Fuzzy systems</li>
            <li>Neural networks</li>

In the css part, I have done

li.dropdown ul {
display : none;

And I have added the following javascript script in the head section of the html page

<script type="text/javascript">
$('li.dropdown').click(function() {

Initailly, the effect works fine and all the sub cateogaries are hidden. However, I want, say when I click on Data mining and data warehousing, then the two sub-cateogaries should also become visible, which are Data mining techniques and Knowledge discovery.

Also, when I click on other cateogary, the sub-cateogaries of previously opened cateogaries should collapse again. How can I do that ?

Solution :

So the idea is to hide everything but the clicked li, and then toggle subcategory visibility for the clicked one:

$('li.dropdown').click(function() {

Here is the jsFiddle with example.

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