How to convert bullet points into horizontal list?

Tags: html,css,list

Problem :

I want to show disc bullet points in my horizontal list.

I know that once we define in CSS: display: inline;, the class definition: list-style-type: disc does not work.

So this has been my solution:

                    <li>· EN</li>
                    <li>· ES</li>
                    <li>· ES</li>
                    <li>· DE</li>
                    <li>· FR</li>

I have put the symbol disc bullet point manually in my horizontal list and then I have declared that in my head section: <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />.

In My coda editor preview they look fine, but if i try to browser it I get � this.

Why? How can I figure it out the problem? Otherwise, what is the best solution to show disc bullet point in a horizontal list?

Solution :

Instead of choosing display:inline for your li you could keep them as blocks and do this:

li {

Then you could play with the margins to space them how you need.

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