How to change a lot of img when hover

Tags: html,css,image,hover

Problem :

I am a new web developer so I don't know best practices.

I have a few images on the page which i want to change on hover. I found two solutions but I dont know which is better.

First one in HTML:

  <a href="getContent('unlight');">
    <img src="res/images/unlight/p_first.png"
         onmouseover="this.src='res/images/light/p_first.png'" alt="First"

And second one using CSS:

<td id="first" onclick="getContent('first');">First</td>

    background: no-repeat url("./images/unlight/p_first.png");
    width: 78px;
    height: 78px;

#first:hover {
    background: no-repeat url("./images/light/p_first.png");
    width: 78px;
    height: 78px;

Now for every img I need write two paths.

Can this be automated? How to do it professional and universal?

Solution :

This may be a great time to get some exposure to jQuery. You can basically write a more dynamic way of accomplishing what you want, similar to what you're currently doing in the onmouseover and onmouseout attributes. Plus jQuery allows you to get this kind of logic out of the HTML markup and into an entirely separate .js file.

Once you get jQuery included, you can create a script that looks something like this. (I've tried commenting heavily so you can understand what's going on:

$(document).ready(function() {
    // Any `img` tag with a class of `some-class` (or whatever you want) will get this behavior on hover
        // This first handler is for the `onmouseover` state
        function() {
            // Storing a query for `this` in a variable only runs the query once. Otherwise, you'd run it twice in the line below
            var $this = $(this);
            // Replace `/light/` in the image URL with `/unlight/`
            $this.attr("src", $this.replace("/light/", "unlight"));
        // This second handler is for the `onmouseout` state
        // Its logic is similar to the first handler, so I'll omit comments explaining it
        function() {
            var $this = $(this);
            $this.attr("src", $this.replace("/unlight/", "light"));

Now you should be able to store the light and unlight versions of each image in light and unlight subfolders. Make sure both images have the same filename. Then add class="some-class" to the img tags that you want to have this behavior.

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