How to add dynamic CSS source urls in Squishit?

Tags: css,,razor,compression,squishit

Problem :

How to add dynamic CSS source path/urls in Squishit?

        .Add("~/Styles/" + (ViewBag.SiteName ?? "default") + "/a.css")
        .Add("~/Styles/" + (ViewBag.SiteName ?? "default") + "/b.css")
        .Add("~/Styles/" + (ViewBag.SiteName ?? "default") + "/c.css")
        .Render("~/Styles/" + (ViewBag.SiteName ?? "default") + "/o#.css")

This will throw an error.

Solution :

The problem is with the Dynamic type.

I converted the ViewBag.SiteName to String first before inserting it and it worked.

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