table image in cell shown smaller [closed]

Tags: html,css,table,joomla,joomla2.5

Problem :

I'm having trouble. I upgraded a Joomla 1.5 to 2.5.7. Imported all the content as well. Some articles are built using HTML TABLE tag, rows, and 2 columns. Text in first column, image with correct HEIGHT/WIDTH attribute is in the second column.

See this page:

In FireFox, it's rendered beautifully, in Chrome, IE9, and Safari, the image is resized smaller, leaving too much space for the text that could be wrapped up more.

In the J15 version of the site, it was fine.

I tried playing with the CSS a bit last night, the best I could do to get the full size of image had the image showing offset way out of the table, and event the main-content container, played with min-width/max-width, percentage, even forced the px (I don't like it because maybe in the future the client would use different image size)

There's multiple articles like, I know this could be converted tableless somehow, style templating. But there's a better and faster way, I would appreciate it!

Please advise! If you need any more information, let me know as well.

Solution :

Besides the css modifications dicussed in the comments, there is a function in that sets some styles for your images on IE9 and IE10.

        'load': function(){
        if (Browser.ie9 || Browser.ie10){
                img.setStyle('max-width', img.getStyle('width').toInt() || img.offsetWidth);
                img.setStyle('width', '100%');

You can comment it, I already tested it on IE9 (removing that function) and it works !

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