How do you keep zoom between pages consistent? via CSS?

Tags: html,css,zoom

Problem :

I am new to CSS/HTML and couldn't find the answer to this question probably because I'm not using the proper terminology.

I have my separate pages set-up and don't know how to keep the 'user-zoom' consistent among my pages.

For example:
-User is on home.html. User zooms 3 times (control + '+'). Font is much bigger.
-User navigates to about.html. Font and layout is back to the small, default size.

Is there a CSS/HTML/Javascript attribute to keep the pages consistent? Thanks a lot!

Edit: For newer HTML coders, it appears that when you run the code on your local machine clicking on a link to another page will "reset" all the zoom [IE and Chrome tested]. However, apparently when you run it from a server the browser will remember the specific zoom and you don't have to worry about it. Hope this helps at least one person!

Solution :

Because the zoom level is controlled by the browser itself, the way it behaves on a per page basis cannot be adjusted using CSS/HTML/JS.

A workaround would be to create custom zoom buttons with JS and the CSS transform property. You would then want to save the zoom level to a cookie and apply the current saved zoom level to each page the user loads.

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