How to add and remove background images in css on clicking a link on page

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,ajax,onclick

Problem :

Ive that small Fiddle

    <img src="" id="bg" /><br />

    <a href="" title="Switch" class="menulink">DE</a>
<a href="" title="Switch" class="menulink2">EN</a>
<a href="" title="Switch" class="menulink3">FR</a>

$(function() {



It works fine but my problem is:

I need to add an background image to every linkclass for selected/active state and inactive/default state, if i click another link on page.

For example the link "de" has default a white bg-image and if i click the link the bg-image changes to a black image for selected state.

If i click now "en" it will change the "de" link back into inactive state with the white background image and set the "en" bg-image-link into selected state-imagelink and will remove it if another link will be clicked.

I hope someone has an idea :)

Solution :



    }); I did changes on your fiddle, this fiddle could help you.

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