How to work with dynamic container in Isotope?

Tags: jquery,css,jquery-masonry,jquery-isotope

Problem :

In the context of re-using an Isotope container on different parts of a web application, I need to resize the container. However, after adding and removing a CSS class for small layout, the container is not anymore taking up the full space.

See the JSFiddle:


This resizes the container as expected.


Expected would be to get back the original container. This does not work.

Any clues how to get the setup working?

Solution :

It looks like a timing issue, this tends to happen a lot with Isotope.

If you put a setTimeout() of 1000ms around the shuffle method it works - therefore confirming the issue...

    var timer = setTimeout(function(){

The timeout is not ideal at all, but it does illustrate that Isotope needs to be finished before it can be updated. I would recommend testing with different timers until you find a nice fit.

I would also recommend using $container.isotope('reLayout') over $container.isotope('shuffle') unless you specifically need to shuffle the items, that method was created for doing exactly this.

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