how to replace entire css text with another?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,coding-style,stylesheet

Problem :

I have web page with different styles that the user can change and build on the fly. I have this code working with browsers IE-9+,chrome,FF,safari.


$("#customCss").text(css_txt );
$('head').append('<style type="text/css" id="customCss"> ' + css_txt + '</style>');

I want to fit the site to IE-7,8. But this code not working with IE-7,8. I am getting this error code:

Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unexpected call to method or property access.

in this jquery func jquery :

append: function () {
            return this.domManip(arguments, true, function (elem) {
                if (this.nodeType === 1) {

I have try this also with no luck :


any idea why?

Solution :

Store a reference to the link tag and then modify the href to the new script if it's an external script. If it's internal, try removing the old one with .remove() and .append() a new one right after the <body>.

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