How do I make background-size work in IE8?

Tags: css,internet-explorer-8,internet-explorer-7,background-image

Problem :

I have an image which is 250px wide by 100px high. I want to use this css rule:

background-size: 125px 50px;

How do I do it? I don't want to know how to make an image stretch to fill the div, or the browser window, or whatever else can be done with background:cover. I want the background image to be a specific size, irrespective of whether that may be larger or smaller or whatever compared to the containing div. Yes, it does (unfortunately) need to be a background image. It needs to work in IE7 and 8; background-size already covers all the other browsers.

Solution :

This question got answered intensively here:

How do I make background-size work in IE?

The most popular fix is this background-size polyfill:

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