How to apply CSS string using Javascript/jQuery without parsing/tokenizing to retrieve property-value pairs?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css

Problem :

I have some CSS in string form, e.g.

border: solid 1px #0000ff; background-color: #ffff00;

and I want to apply that CSS to a <div>. But all of the examples for using jQuery to apply CSS involve using the css method, and to go that route, I'd have to split the CSS string by semicolons (;) to retrieve property-value pairs, then by (:) to retrieve the property and value, and do

$('myDiv').css(property, value);

Is there a way to apply the CSS directly, from its string form?

I worry that such a naive parsing of the CSS (semicolons and colons) will fail if CSS values can contain those characters, e.g. in url sub-values.

Solution :

You can retrieve the existing style attribute and then set a new one:

var target = $("#target");
target.attr("style", target.attr("style") + "; " + yourString);

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