How to set the path to compile my CSS with Compass SASS

Tags: css,sass,compass-sass

Problem :

I have been looking around and it seems an issue quite diffused, but i am not finding the solution for my case.

I have set up my first Compass Project following these instructions

My folder project is called sass-test

I have my css files

  • screen.css
  • print.css
  • ie.css
  • config.rb

My config.rb inside is set up in this way

http_path = "/"
css_dir = "stylesheet"
sass_dir = "sass"
images_dir = "images"
javascripts_dir = "javascripts"

Then I have my sass folder with:

  • screen.scss
  • print.scss
  • ie.scss

I do some changes in my screen.scss file and then i compile it by the terminal giving this command

compass compile sass-test/sass/screen.scss

Now it happens that the automatically COMPASS generates new folders

  • stylesheet
  • test
  • sass .In this folder Compass compiles screen.css

I dont want my screen.css compiled there but i want it inside my sass-test where there is already existing the screen.css file.

How can i achieve that? I also look up in this article reading all the comments but i can not figure it out the issue.

I have also tried to compile it by liveReload preprocessor setting up the Outputfolder but it's still compiling the screen.css in the "wrong" path.

how can i give the instructions to Compass to compile my screen.css file in my sass-test?

Here the print screenenter image description here


Solution :

Ok i have sorted it out the issue, i start from the beginning calling the project differently ( without any hyphen) then i set up the output folder by LiveReload preprocessor and anytime i edit any scss file, it compiles straight to the relative css file inside the stylesheet folder. In this way i do not use any command line

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