How can I turn off hardware acceleration for certain HTML elements via CSS?

Tags: iphone,html5,css3,jquery-mobile,hardware-acceleration

Problem :

I created a very complex web app using HTML5, CSS3 and jQueryMobile.

It seems like jQueryMobile turns on hardware acceleration here and there via translate3D and/or translateZ.

Now I want to turn this off for certain HTML elements.

This gives me two questions:

  • Is there a css property/attribute or something that I can use to tell the browser to turn off hardware acceleration for certain elements?
  • If not: I will have to find the places where either translate3D or translateZ is used and simply remove them, right? How can I do that? The whole markup is very complex with many HTML elements. I can't go through each element in the inspector and search for it.

Update: The reason why I want to fix this

In my web app there are some elements which need to be swipeable (e.g. an image gallery). In this case I need hardware acceleration. Same for div containers that require iScroll and every other element which should be animated (e.g. slide- and fade-animations).

However, there are many parts of the app which are static (not animated). Using a special startup option in Safari, I was able to make the parts which get hardware-accelerated visible. This way I noticed that THE WHOLE app gets hardware-accelerated, not only the necessary parts.

IMHO this is not a good thing because:

  • Accelerating the whole thing will cause heavy load to the GPU which makes the whole app stutter while scrolling.
  • AFAIK it's best practice to let the CPU do the static stuff while the GPU only handles all the fancy animated stuff.
  • When animations have ended, hardware acceleration should be deactived because it's not necessary anymore and would shorten battery lifetime.

Solution :

After going through thousands of thousands of lines of CSS code, I found this:

.ui-page{-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden !important}

This was active for all pages and caused the problem. Removing that line fixed it for me.

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