how to get parameter orignal value by receiving it in function

Tags: jquery,html,css,jquery-animate,position

Problem :

I am new to jQuery and am trying to write a function for sliding a div on click of another link.

My problem is that the function works when I give direction static but not when I try to give direction dynamic.

Here is my code :


<div id="popshbtn" onclick="uiSlide(this, '#popwrap', 'right')">

<div id="popwrap" class="popdnone">
    <h3 class="h3">Support</h3> 


    background-color: #3385D6;
    color: #FFFFFF;
    width:38px; height:188px;
    border:1px solid #2d7dcb;
    border:1px solid #ccc; 

jQuery :

function uiSlide(ths, target, direction){

if( $(target).is(':visible')){

        'direction': '-500px'
    },'fast', function(){
        //call back function

        direction: 0
    },'fast', function(){
        //call back function


This code doesn't work, unless I give static position instead of direction.

I just want to know, is possible? How do I determine direction of the animation?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here is js fiddle link .

i have upload a image it will help you better to understand enter image description here

Solution :

You can pass object as parameter in animate() jquery API methods, for example:

$(document).ready(function (e) {
  $('#popshbtn').click(function () {
    uiSlide(this, '#popwrap', 'right');

  $('#popshbtn').html($('#popshbtn').text().replace(/(.)/g, "$1<br />"));

function uiSlide(that, target, direction) {
  var optionObj1 = {},optionObj2 = {};
  optionObj1[direction] = "-500px";
  optionObj2[direction] = 0;

  if ($(target).is(':visible')) {
    $(target).animate(optionObj1, 'fast', function () {

  } else {
    $(target).show().animate(optionObj2, 'fast', function () {



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