How do I update an div css to display an complete image when section is complete?

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Problem :

Using MVC 3

I have a questionaire that has three sections. The page that contains the questionaire has a "next","previous" and "save" button? When I click any of these buttons I want an ajax call to an Actioncontroller called "Question/SectionComplete" if it returns true I want to update menu div with the css that displays complete icon. Can anyone help get started with sample code?

Solution :

function onButtonClick(){
    var data = { myvar: 1 }; // your data to pass to action
    $.getJSON('Question/SectionComplete', data, function(result){
            $('#mymenudiv').css('background-image', 'yourImage'); //your styles here

In controller:

public ActionResult SectionComplete(int myvar)
    // check condition
    return Json(true, JsonRequestBehaviour.AllowGet); // you can return complex object instead

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