How to make this breed of resizable vertical divider for two divs?

Tags: css,html5

Problem :

I want to know what the best way is to have two divs (unless this is using some table?) that are side by side, separated by a vertical divider.

enter image description here

Notice how when the handler is resized, the elements appear to be resizing to accomodate the new width: enter image description here

Notice how when the handler is further resized, it appears to overlap the elements on the sidebar exposing just a little bit of the text. If the user continues to resize to the left, it covers up all the text.

enter image description here

How to create this with css/html5/maybe some javascript? Examples would be great of (divs? or whatever basic elements with text or anything necessary to illustrate).

Solution :

There is a splitter plugin for jQuery.

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