How to create Box Shadow rollover and hover css navigation?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I would like to create the effect of box-shadow/ribbon on my navigation menu using css I have a image and sample what would like to learn to create I am a beginner web developer sorta the same as this demo here if any one can help me learn would be great.

I am just after learning how to create the nav bar which is similar to this link

Solution :

Any reason why you don't just make a PNG with the required shadow? Alternatively create a shadow image png and background a div with it that encompasses the ribbon.

I would avoid CSS3 for this as cross-browser compatibility will be an issue for now.

Start with a new image, at the required padded out size, with a transparent background. Make the shadow using gradients and then save for web. Select PNG 24 and that's it really.

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